Beginner to Advanced Academic

Course Features –

  • HD Video Lectures – 9
  • Modules –Writing
  • Practice Tests – 12
  • Mock Test -2
  • Duration – Up to 4 Weeks
  • Skill Level – All Levels
  • Band Predictor – Yes
  • FREE Assessments – Yes
  • Performance Reports – Yes
  • One-on-One Session – No
  • Free Student Counselling – Yes
  • Grammar Assistance – Yes
  • Word Power – Yes
  • Course Certification – No
  • FREE Webinars – No
  • Additional Tests* – Yes

Additional 5 Practice and 2 Mock Tests are available for $49 which includes ONE hour of FREE Session with Certified British
Council IELTS Coach and access to Webinar Sessions.

Part of the the vast majority of thought-provoking modules for students to score is the typing and they tend to score
slightly less compared to other modules. This purely because that the vast majority of of the IELTS test takers are
Non-Native and needs other training and sustain materials. Therefore, we have generated this module in explain to students
with the the vast majority of common IELTS materials and more practice tests than any of the online coaching centres.
This typing module is carefully constructed to assist students complete their band scores by ensuring they use all the
practice and mock tests are utilized extensively.

This typing module consists of 12 practice test and 2 mock tests and only constructed for students who requires special 
focus on typing module. This course is constructed for all levels of students who are persistent in scoring lofty band 


  • We needed to sustain the students to capitalize the practice tests and assist them through assessments finishes by certifie
    d IELTS examiners. This Module will supply students with the exclusive tips and strategies to take on the typing module and
    how to use the English language Language utilizing the marking scheme set for IELTS .
  • This course would assist students to make better their typing skills as more practice tests are supplied for them to
    overcome problems narrating to grammar, sentence interpretation and punctuations.
  • Finally, this course would be favourable for students who can memorize at their own swagger and maintain confidence to
    confront the exam.